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Our world class Lead Instructor and Course Designer, Elizabeth Barclay, is an ITIL ® Expert with 20 years of operational industry experience. Over 2000 students taught, and a 90% pass rate.

"Excellent trainer. I've had quite a bit of training in both CMMI and ISO in the classroom environment, and she is one of the best (if not the best) instructors I have had. That's remarkable considering it was a virtual environment."

"Liz you are the consummate trainer - only had the priviledge of your virtual training, but suspect if the training was live - you would have rocked as well!!!"

"I think Liz did a really good job and it seemed like a real class even though everyone was virtual"


Our Virtual Live courses are designed specifically for virtual students taking advantage of all the features provided by our state of the art Virtual Learning Environment and Learning Management System.

Circa Learning Benefits
Student guides including slides, commentary, quizzes, exercises, glossaries, syllabus, and more
January 2021: currently on line only
♦ Two sample exams from the official examiner
♦ Sample quiz questions cover ALL syllabus requirements
♦ Exams arranged through PeopleCert
We’ve been designing our courses specifically for virtual classrooms since 2015 with active presentations, team collaboration facilities, on-line test preparation, and engaging, experienced instructors. ♦ Downloadable PDF courseware
♦ On line exercises, quizzes, glossaries
♦ Track your progress
♦ Quizzes in the same format as the final exam
♦ Chat with colleagues and fellow learners
We offer small class sizes, flexible scheduling, and “à la carte” pricing where you select the elements you need and don’t pay for the rest. ♦ Choose printed or electronic materials
♦ Choose whether or not to include the official exam
♦ Reduced pricing for groups
♦ Fast, simple on line registration
♦ Simple payment options

Circa Learning Scheduling Options
Scheduling Option Description
Conventional Virtual Live

We can provide conventional 3 to 5 day instructor led virtual live courses as required.

Flexible Virtual Live

We at Circa understand that your time is valuable. It may not be possible to take 3, 4, or 5 days out of your busy schedule in order to take an ITIL ® course. So we have come up with flexible alternatives to make better use of your time.

On-Site Classroom Live

With special pricing, we can deliver instructor led classroom training at your location. Leveraging the benefits of both the live and virtual learning environments our On-Site classes are engaging, supportive and the materials are presented in a clear and logical manner thus enabling a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

January 2021: currently on line only

ITIL ®  Courses

This course provides an introduction to the ITIL 4 ® Service Management framework for IT enabled services. We cover common terminology, key concepts, and the basics of the ITIL4 ® framework. - Key concepts, vocabulary, and four dimensions of ITIL 4 ® service management - The ITIL 4 ® Service Value System, Service Value Chains, and interconnections - How the ITIL 4 ® guiding principles can help an organization adopt and adapt - IITIL 4 ® Practices - Detailed coverage of seven key practices - General overview of fifteen practices The ITIL 4 ®  Foundation course and exam are suitable for anyone who needs a basic understanding of the ITIL 4 ® framework and how it may be used to improve the quality of Service Management in their enterprise.


The Foundation level is the entry level qualification which offers you a general awareness of the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the ITIL® service lifecycle, including the links between lifecycle stages, the processes used and their contribution to service management practices.

We support our clients' efforts to move their organization into a more organized operational environment using a suite of classes.
ITIL4® Awareness
ITIL4® Focused Awareness
ITIL4® Foundation
ITIL4® Foundation for Certification

ITIL4® Intermediate and Advanced Courses Coming this Spring
ITIL4 Certification

ITIL® 2011 Intermediate Courses


Service improvement must focus on increasing the efficiency, maximizing the effectiveness and optimising the cost of services and the underlying IT service management processes. The only way to do this is to ensure that improvement opportunities are identified throughout the entire service lifecycle.

The primary purpose of Continual Service Improvement (CSI) is to continually align and re-align IT services to the changing business needs by identifying and implementing improvements to IT services that support business processes.


The main objective of service operation is to coordinate and carry out the activities and processes required to deliver and manage services at agreed levels to business users and customers. Service operation is also responsible for ongoing management of the technology that is used to deliver and support services


The OSA course can teach organizations and individuals how to manage the everyday operation of IT services and gain a better understanding of how to implement the ITIL® processes that will enable them to deliver and support services to customers.

It also covers issues relating to the people, relationships, procedures and infrastructure technology required to ensure that the organization or programme can provide the high quality and cost effective IT services that are required to meet organizational needs.


The SOA course is designed to help organizations and individuals understand how the five stages of the ITIL® lifecycle (service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and continual service improvement) can offer value to organizations and projects. It also provides guidance on how service offerings can be developed to support both business and user needs.


The RCV course is designed to develop organizations’ or individuals’ understanding of the ITIL® Service Transition processes. It can ensure transitional changes are effectively managed, new services are validated and tested and that release and deployment fulfill organizational requirements. RCV also provides guidance on evaluating change and managing knowledge to improve decision-making processes.


Process Assessment, Design, Development, and Deployment Services

In-depth and complete ITIL® process development. Working with your own staff and within your operating conditions , we will develop a plan to help your organization work towards the ITIL® framework.

Our People

Name Description
Elizabeth Barclay Elizabeth has worked in many varied businesses over the past twenty years. With exposure to businesses from small consulting firms to large public utilities she provides ITIL® process, support and implementation consulting for large and small projects.
Paul Clermont Paul has over twenty five years of business experience. Using this experience he provides Systems Analysis and Programming services, with emphasis on both legacy system conversion and web and distributed data access projects.
Lyle Cowan An Innovative Service Manager with 25 years experience in IT service, support and project management Lyle is a strong strategic thinker and team builder. He has developed, maintained, and implemented standard IT environments based on the ITIL® body of knowledge that supports and enables business. The IT support businesses that he has built exceed the needs of widely varied business units and budget requirements.
Steve Previdsa With over 25 years in a variety of IT disciplines including Network Management, Project Management, Operations, Support, Data Centre Transitions and IT Service Management Steve’s experience is very comprehensive in the IT industry. His broad knowledge provides a sound foundation consulting on aligning Business with IT Services.

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