ITIL Accredited Training
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What is ITIL®
ITIL®, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, documents practices used by many successful organizations to select, design, develop, and manage IT services.
ITIL® was developed by, and is managed by, a Public / Private Partnership in the UK.
ITIL® is a public, best practice framework used in both the public and private sector.
ITIL® provides a starting point to help jump start the creation or improvement of streamlined,
standardized, and centralized Service Management processes.
The ITIL® framework helps organizations around the world reduce costs and risks.

Many IT organizations use the common terminologies and concepts described in the ITIL® materials. The Foundation course provides the basics and enables organizations to improve communication within IT and also with Customers and Vendors.

New to IT?
Many companies require all people in IT to hold an ITIL® Foundation certificate. This course is a great way to get your first job or prove that you’re willing to work hard!

Experienced in IT?
The ITIL® Foundation certificate is a pre-requisite to the ITIL® intermediate certificates which are often a pathway to advancement within IT. Many more opportunities are available to those with intermediate and advanced ITIL® knowledge.

Manage IT staff?
ITIL® is absolutely amazing at clarifying and minimizing the work that needs to be done. ITIL® also provides techniques to help you identify, prioritize, and implement the most valuable improvements to your operation.

ITIL® really works!